We Equip World Changers

The Conversation Coaches are celebrities, CEOs, world changers, humanitarians, entrepreneurs, and leaders.
We Equip World Changers

Coach Requirements:

Our coaches are a group of world changers hand selected to help create goals, change, and help others recognize their unique abilities.

  • Every coach is uniquely anointed and gifted.

  • Certification does not matter. Anointing and gifts do.

  • Every coach must mentor one new coach for free

  • Coaches must agree to the code of ethics and integrity in all that you do

The Conversation Creede

Every coach that becomes part of The Conversation Coaches Program agrees to The Conversation Creed.

  • We reject the idea that one can be wealthy – without a strong legacy. Health is wealth, wealth is a well-rounded life of faith, family, finances and fitness and not only material.

  • We believe that by investing in yourself, you invest in your family and business legacy for a thousand generations.

  • We believe that one night with world changers is not time wasted but time to ignite ideas that change the world.

  • We believe that iron sharpens iron, and are committed to the idea of gaining strength, wisdom, and inspiration in order to be impactpreneurs and not just entreprenuers.

  • We will endeavor to eliminate the dross, and continually remove toxic people, places, and things that stand in the way of freedom and legacy.

  • We will celebrate our victories large and small, as we intentionally achieve our dreams in life and business.

Benefits to Being a Coach

The Conversation Coaches is an elite group of coaches with minimum 10 years leadership experience.

  • Our Network

    Be part of a thriving and elite group of world changers.

  • Meet World Changers

    Meet CEOs and Entrepreneurs with multi-global companies that are people you normally may never meet.

  • Client Introductions

    Get introductions to coaching clients versus getting sold on certification programs

Need A Coach?

Attending The Conversation Event is just the beginning. We pair Executives, Entrepreneurs or World Changers in need with the coaches that match them. If you need a coach, email us at: team@theconversationcoaches.com